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TourTrax ensures tasks are being completed successfully and provides you with all the data you need to back up any claim!

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How we help our clients

Guard Tours

Increase the productivity, efficiency and transparency of your security team

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Mobile Forms

We help our clients migrate away from paper checklists with our easy to use digital forms

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Time and Attendance

We help our clients track everything from packages to people

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Device Management

Easily manage what users can see and what apps they can explore

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Why Tourtrax


This is all we do! We are very grateful for the ongoing loyalty of our clients, which is the ultimate value indicator!


We take tremendous pride in providing all of our clients, small and large, with a highly affordable pricing to maximize their return on investment.

Easy To Use

Many of our clients experience high turnover. Our system is designed to allow new users to get up and running quickly

Customer Support

Our clients rave about our technical support team. Simply put, we answer your phone calls and resolve issues fast.

Tourtrax Key Features

TourTrax has all the best features for mobile workforce management in one user friendly app.

Proof of Presence

Delivering trusted proof of presence at any given location at specific time with just a simple tap.

Digital Forms

Go paperless with customizable eForms to help your operation save money, time, space and give you peace of mind.

Real-Time Monitoring

Receiving and reviewing security performance 24/7/365 to verify that your security teams are completing all assigned tasks while you are offsite

Robust Reporting

Ditch outdated paper reports with TourTrax automated reporting.

Device Management

Give your employees the powerful capabilities of a Smartphone without the distractions of consumer applications.​

Time and Attendance

Easily collect and verify time sheets

Explore all the ways Tourtrax can help your business be more efficient!

Tourtrax is used in many different industries.

Aquatic Centres

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Safety & Security

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Fitness Centres

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Hotel and Hospitality

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Manufacturing and Engineering

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Marinas and Harbours

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Cleaning and Janitorial

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