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Electronic logbook solutions for your business. Custom forms, work orders, reports and inspection compliance.

Featured Logbooks

For Buildings

Popular with many engineering roles is our steam boiler inspection checklist template

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For Water Works

Make it easy to manage and report on water-related projects, inspections, and maintenance.

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Choose from a variety of logs such as incident logs or key inventory logs. Or edit it to meet your requirements.

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Why TourTrax


This is all we do! We are very grateful for the ongoing loyalty of our clients, which is the ultimate value indicator!


We take tremendous pride in providing all of our clients, small and large, with a highly affordable pricing to maximize their return on investment.

Easy To Use

our form builder is very intuitive. Our clients create their own logbooks with 10 minutes of training!

How TourTrax works

Going paperless has never been easier. TourTrax provides all you need to deploy your own digital forms app.

Step 1 Digitize

Create your own forms; or contact us. We will help you make the transition!

Step 2 Collect

Collect consistent, complete data on your mobile device in real-time without the need of time consuming manual input

Step 3 Distribute

Review and audit all collected data in real time on your dashboard. Automatically generate, export and share reports to facilitate synchronization among teams.


Our rates from

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per month

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- Customized e-forms

- Proof of presence

- Real-time tracking

- Robust reporting

What's included

Proof of Presence

Delivering trusted proof of presence at any given location at specific time with just a simple tap.

Intuitive form builder

Our easy to use form builder allows our clients to build custom digital logbooks to fit their specific needs with simple drag and drop functionality.

Mobile app

Our digital forms mobile app makes data collection for fast field workers a breeze. Make manual entry paper forms a thing of the past!

Real-time monitoring

Review performance 24/7/365 to verify that your teams are completing all assigned tasks while you are offsite

Automated reporting

Ditch outdated paper reporting. TourTrax will automatically push reports to the right people in your organization!

Reporting & audit trail

TourTrax captures all the data in spot so your team can instantly access the exact reports they need for any compliance or legal matters.