Proof of Presence

Provide reliable evidence that a person was in a certain place at a certain time. The proof of presence feature helps organizations document patrols, site visits and any other location/time-based activities.

  • Know where your staff have been, and at what specific times.
  • Be alerted to areas that are being missed on a regular or infrequent basis-enabling you to take corrective action.
  • Generate detailed reports that can be sent to Insurance companies or courts in the case of lawsuit/litigation.


Facial Recognition

Register employee check-in and check-out using the face recognition from the mobile device. Reports/timesheets can be generated to show who was on site and when they arrived and left the site.

Anti-Fraud Photo

Admin may define intervals where the field staff are required to take pictures to show evidence of location or staff presence.


Administrator can define anti-fraud Geofences for checkpoints and locations to ensure that the mobile app use is at the appropriate site.

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How TourTrax works

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What's included

NFC/QR Code Checkpoints

Know where your staff are at any given moment, allowing you to see who’s close by key assets to take care of nearby urgent tasks and assignments.

Static/ Dynamic Tours

Our easy to use form builder allows our clients to build custom digital logbooks to fit their specific needs with simple drag and drop functionality.

Mobile App

Our digital forms mobile app makes data collection for fast field workers a breeze. Make manual entry paper forms a thing of the past!

GPS Monitoring/ Tracking

Know where your staff are at any given moment allowing you to see who’s close by key assets to take care of nearby urgent tasks and assignments.

Incident Reporting/ Alarms

Receive immediate alarm warnings and report security/ health/safety/maintenance concerns in real-time.

Robust reporting & audit trail

TourTrax captures all the data in spot so your team can instantly access the exact reports they need for any compliance or legal matters.