Patrols and Guards

Manage guards and other mobile field workers by communicating with them in real time. Collect data from the field in predetermined formats for patrols, reporting forms and attendance.

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Guard tours are an efficient method to prevent illegal or unwanted activities on a site.
Our guard patrol system enables security personnel to sign in and sign out from their shifts via mobile app. The guards can record their visits around the premises using our checkpoints. Events  and incidents that occur during a shift can be recorded and submitted in real time with photos, videos and voice data included to provide evidence. Tourtrax's automated reporting system ensures that this information is available to the relevant authorities when needed.

Guard Patrols

Use NFC or QR codes
Auto Display Shifts
View Performance
Download Reports
Create Routes and Patrols

Compliance e-Forms

Central Reporting
Email submitted forms
Fail items alert reports
Customized e-Forms

Work Order

Work Reports
Real-time Monitoring
Organize your work online
Complete work orders on the mobile app

Time and Attendance

Geofencing Control
Pre-assign shifts
Auto-match shifts
Custom Report for Payroll